David Briggs

Who Am I?

Through 15 years in business development and a further 10 years working with universities I have held various Director positions leading successful multi-million pound projects and partnerships.

I am qualified to degree level in Management and Marketing. I work with a number of organisations whilst privately researching the characteristics of successful and effective partnerships. I deliver training in middle and senior management "upward" leadership and teach privately on aspects of practical philosophy.

I have an enviable range of friends, colleagues and contacts across Greater Manchester and the North West who enable me to bring some of the very best expertise to bear on projects I am asked to consider.

I am trained as a professional coach and I work successfully with a number of clients in both a private and business context.

I am a trustee for two charitable bodies, and a former trustee of two others. I also helped lead three youth and community groups.

I have written a book on aspects of social history of the First World War - based on my grandfather's letters from the trenches.

I am married with one son now working as a computer research scientist in the financial services industry. We live in the NW of the United Kingdom near the City of Manchester. I paint and enjoy photography so have sprinkled this site with some of my work.

About Me