David Briggs


As a complementary aspect of my work I offer personal and professional coaching.

This involves a free introductory session followed by a short series of one to one meetings focused on you achieving your goals.

For current terms and conditions please get in touch through the Contact Me button.

Here is what some of my clients have been kind enough to say:

"What David offers in terms of coaching is a safe environment where I can verbalise my current challenges. David doesn't judge - which always helps me resolve the matter in hand. He helps bring clarity and reassurance to situations where I haven't been able to see a way through. He asks questions which almost force me to think differently and gets me to a resolution. His style is relaxed which puts me at ease and it is always clear that his prime objective is to help me"
Senior HR Manager.

"David is a highly experienced individual who brings a broad spectrum of knowledge, knowhow and insight to the coaching role. He is a great listener and doesn't just foist his own opinions on you. He listens carefully and gives thoughtful, measured and challenging opinions.

The best coaches provide a different perspective that enables you to think differently about the issues you are dealing with - but they combine this with pragmatism and realism. David has these skills and I would enthusiastically recommend his coaching services." Chief Executive.

"Meeting with David has brought about significant change in my life. My ability to manage my thinking, recognising my processes and choosing my reaction has meant I now enjoy a much calmer and measured approach to my home and work life. David challenges you whilst encouraging you to recognise what you do well. My improved ability to manage work relationships has led to an increased confidence and a much more effective working environment" CIC Founder & Director

"David's gently probing questions led me to a clear view of my own needs and that of the organisation. His insights into managerial processes and the ways of life make him an ideal sounding board." Headteacher.

"As a direct result of the sessions undertaken I certainly feel more confident, able and well equipped to manage my way through some of the more challenging situations I might experience at work in the future. David quickly helped me to identify clear and focused ways to manage and overcome the challenges I was facing. I was able to move forward and deal with them positively and with confidence. Invaluable! Project Leader.

"I have met many supposed "coaches"in different roles during my career but this is the first time I have been coached. What struck me, even in the first five minutes, was David's insight, empathy and passion for what he does. He carefully guides you through the engagement using a portfolio of carefully selected tools, that would be nothing without the wisdom and real life experience that resonates behind every carefully asked question and each challenge identified. I believe David's unique selling point is that he lives and breathes these techniques when engaging with you. Simply put: Brilliant!" Director.

"Over twelve months David has offered me his coaching services to support his qualification. We started with six sessions focusing specifically on achieving my career goals. From the beginning David quickly put me at ease and I found his inventive approach refreshing. He explored my values and beliefs and helped me to prioritise my professional aspirations - many of which I have now achieved or I am well on the way to doing so!

His exceptional skill and professionalism has meant that I have continued to engage him as my coach because I have the greatest admiration for his work, his attitude and his ability to act with respect and compassion.

If you want to explore the benefits of utilising a coach then I would have no hesitation in recommending David to you. He is the ultimate professional, possesses a high degree of emotional intelligence and is perhaps one of the most genuine people I know."
Financial Professional Recruitment Specialist.

I started working with David around the start of 2016 when my life was about to take a different direction. At the time I had decided to leave my secure & well paid employment as a Finance Director with a successful North West Based business to pursue a self-employed career as a Freelance FD to SME businesses across the North of England.

The decision made sense in terms of where I was in life and where I wanted to be in the next 5 to 10 years’ time, but it was still a period of anxiety.

Over a period of six months or so, David helped me through my life change, helping me to focus on my strengths, to create strategies and an approach to my new way of life as a self-employed professional. His support and impartiality was invaluable.

I still keep in contact with David & I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others who may be facing a similar life experience. Finance Director.


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