David Briggs

What I Offer

Delivery is built on over 30 years experience in universities, businesses, business support, the public sector, social work and running my own business.

I deliver:

  • Project consultancy in external relations and economic development;
  • Identification of new,productive benefits for public and private sector clients;
  • Coaching to individuals and groups to increase impact and effectiveness;
  • Team training and public speaking on self management/leadership, developing principles and vision - and then delivering.

    My work with you is based on:
    • Integrity
    • In depth communication
    • Well honed, practical vision
    • Priority and focus on early action and delivery
    • Building effective and committed long term partnerships

    Recent and current work includes:

        Science and Innovation Audit research and drafting - manufacturing and sustainability;
      • Project development of unique university ESF proposal to LEP for High Level Skills;
      • LEP HEI liaison and negotiation;
      • Horizon2020 proposal drafting, editing and support;
      • Hi-tech Research Centre market review
      • Drafting and editing HEI input to promotional material to China market;
      • Strategic business case for HEI/Local Authority account manager role;
      • Review of the Continuing Professional Development market place for HEIs;
      • Liaison and negotiation between universities and LEPs on Growth Plan development.
      • Development of HEI external relations with economic development and representative bodies;
      • Training courses in Upward Management for Project Managers;
      • Authoring a legacy document reflecting the achievements of an organisation over 13 years;
      • Personal coaching to a number of professional clients (currently 8);
      • Analysis and review of the LEP landscape and European Funding options;
      • Support to university enterprise and entrepreneurship proposals in the NW region.
      • Selection support to a highly successful, respected and innovative recruitment company
      • Ongoing coaching to a range of professional and executive private clients

What I Offer

  • What I Offer